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Vote Watch: NAACP Gets Out the Vote, Addresses Voting Issues

NAACP took action during this year's mid-term election.

Voting Rights Battles Across the Country

There is a fight against voting rights around the country--early voting restrictions, voter ID laws and polling place closings.

Google Launches Important Search Tool for Voters

Google launched their new voter information search tool.

Voter ID Laws Pass in North Carolina

Beginning earlier this year the North Carolina General Assembly has introduced several bills targeting the right to vote.

NAACP at RootsCamp

The NAACP will be participating in RootsCamp this week in DC.

NAACP Registers Voters In Record Numbers

This year, NAACP's This Is My Vote Campaign registered 432,000 people to vote.

Chairman Roslyn Brock Gets Out The Vote In Her Hometown

Chairman Roslyn Brock returned to her hometown of Ft. Pierce, Florida to get out the vote this past weekend.

Absentee Ballot Application Deadline Extended in New York

Due to Hurricane Sandy the deadline for receiving absentee ballot applications has been extended.

It’s Get Out the Vote Time

Download the NAACP GOTV materials here and join the mobile alert list today.

NAACP Celebrates Partial Victory in South Carolina

South Carolinians will be able to use various forms of identification during this year’s election.

NAACP Kicks Registration into Hyperdrive

In the coming weeks about 4 million Americans will receive voter registration materials for their state.

Victory: Federal Court Blocks Texas’ Voter ID Law

A federal court strikes down Texas voter ID law.


Today, the Commonwealth Court of Pennsylvania denied a request for preliminary injunction of the state’s new voter identification law.

Legendary Journalist Addresses Voter Suppression

Mainstream media is starting to pay attention and the dialogue surrounding voter suppression is increasing.

Florida’s Unlawful Purge Could Leave a Larger Legacy

As a diverse civil rights organization, the NAACP is concerned with the voting rights of all voting-eligible people. That is why the most r

Political Cartoonist Equates Voter Suppression with Jim Crow

Pulitzer Prize winner Garry Trudeau’s, Doonesbury, is running a series on Jim Crow and voter suppression in this week’s Slate.

Pennsylvania Court Document Reveals the Real Fraud

Lawyers for the commonwealth stipulated that they are “not aware of any incidents of in-person voter fraud in Pennsylvania.

Jim Crow, Attorney General Eric Holder, and Litigation before Election Day

NBC Politics blog, highlights the threat of disenfranchisement in states with voter suppressive laws.

Milwaukee Branch of the NAACP Claims Victory in Wisconsin Voter ID Litigation

On Tuesday, Wisconsin Circuit Court Judge David Flanagan issued his decision to permanently enjoin Wisconsin’s restrictive and burdensome ph

Protecting the Vote—An Ongoing Fight

Congressman John Lewis appeared on Democracy Now to discuss the importance of protecting voter rights:

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