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Florida’s Unlawful Purge Could Leave a Larger Legacy

As a diverse civil rights organization, the NAACP is concerned with the voting rights of all voting-eligible people.  That is why the most recent attempt to purge voter rolls in Florida; under the guise that they were non-citizens is particularly disappointing.

In a new HuffPost Latino Voices post, Janell Ross documents the surge to purge ahead of Election Day.  The piece reports that at least 14 states are interested in accessing SAVE, Systematic Alien Verification Entitlements program. Earlier this month, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security granted Florida access to the SAVE program although the system is not designed to help states verify eligibility: first, because it does not keep pace with naturalizations; and two, because the additional tactic of name “matching” will purge eligible voters simply because they have identical foreign-sounding names.
According to the report, as many as 27.4 million Americans might be affected by the flawed voter purges; including over 5,000 suspected non-citizens in Colorado and over 180,000 suspected non-citizens in Florida.