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It’s Get Out the Vote Time

The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) is gearing up for getting out the vote (GOTV.)  To support efforts in the field we’ve assembled a number of digital and offline tools to turn out the largest civic engagement participation in the history of the Association.  Field Organizers in units around the country are working hard to mobilize hundreds of thousands of voters to participate in this pivotal Election.  Election Day is Tuesday, November 6th and we’ve got everything you need to vote—including a vital tool kit to make that happen.  The NAACP is proud to have trained thousands of members to use the VAN to document all the data as it relates to our civic engagement program.  All of these tools can be accessed via the website.  Here is what you’ll need:

GOTV Toolkit                 

Click here to learn how to implement data into the VAN--download the PowerPoint here. Click here to learn how to create a walk list universe in the VAN—download the PowerPoint here. Click here to learn how to create a phone list universe in the VAN—download the PowerPoint here.

All of our GOTV materials can be accessed via the Resources page on the TIMV! website.  Voting material for specific states is also available.  Download what you need today.  Be sure to check out our mobile program—a digital divide continues to exist and because of that, the NAACP is amplifying our mobile program to get everyone with a cell phone access to vital and state specific voting information.

GOTV Mobile

We aim to bring voters out in droves on, Tuesday, November 6—so don’t forget to join our mobile alerts program by texting PLEDGE to 62227.  And if you’re already part of our mobile alert program, text POLL to 62227 to confirm your polling location.

We are thrilled with all the great work the units have been cranking out! 

Be sure to let us know about your successes—we’d love to feature GOTV photos on the NAACP social media accounts.  Get Out the Vote!