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Political Cartoonist Equates Voter Suppression with Jim Crow

Pulitzer Prize winner Garry Trudeau’s, Doonesbury, is running a series on Jim Crow and voter suppression in this week’s Slate.

The historical and discriminatory Jim Crow laws are brought to life through a cunning, and sun-glass donning, crow commenting on today’s suppression efforts in Jimmy Crow’s Comeback Tour.

So far the “tour” has stopped in Alabama, Pennsylvania, and Florida—ending with a frank observation of Florida’s unlawful purges: “Oh, Heck! It’s Florida…Who’ll Notice?”

At the bedrock of NAACP’s roots was the fight against Black Codes, and later Jim Crow laws, but unfortunately today The Association is tasked to fight the same fight.

The NAACP has been advocating on behalf of voting rights and working to mobilize voters in the face of suppressive and discriminatory practices, like modern day poll taxes, across the country. When major humorists like Trudeau take notice of these injustices, the message transcends partisan politics.  

Read the full strip here